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Day 1 & 2: Arriving in Moscow
Moscow sightseeing. Walking sight-seeing tour around Moscow: Kremlin, Red Square, GUM, subway and photoshoot with Stepan the real bear.
Day 3: Moscow—Nizhny Novgorod, 570 km
In the morning we will ride to the Red Square to take photos as the beginning of our tour. Then we will reach Suzdal (one of the most beautiful cities of the Golden Ring).

There will be some free time for walking and lunch. After that we will have a section of a dirt road about 10km. In the evening we will reach Nizhny Novgorod — a vibrant historical city where we will spend some time walking along the Volga River embankment and visit Novgorod Kremlin.
Day 4: Nizhny Novgorod—Kazan, 480 km
From Nizhny Novgorod we will ride through the Northern border of the Kerzhenskiy State Nature Reserve.

Magnificent places and birches are going to get replaced by coniferous trees. Then we'll cross the Volga River by ferry to Kozmodemyansk where we will visit special open-air Ethno-Museum.

Our next destination is Kazan — a cozy & modern city with a very beautiful Kremlin (Russia's second largest Kremlin after Moscow) and a legendary Mosque. In the evening we will have a delicious dinner with Russian & Tatar cuisine.

Special option for European riders who want to ride their own bikes.
You can start your guided tour right in Europe!

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Uventure tour

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About Yuri Kalika, Founder
Duration: 3:49, with subtitles
About Yuri Kalika, Founder

My name is Yuri Kalika. Now I am 33 years old and I adore my life. I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful daughter and a super project Uventure.

I will tell you a little about my path:
Having worked one year after the university as a manager in a construction company, I realized that I was traped within the framework of an employee and I decided to create my own construction company. Since 2009, I became the founder of KARUS-Stroy LLC (, and the first 5 years were very exciting - the company had been doubling the turnover and profit every year. It was very interesting in the beginning and I grew up very much in this company as a person. However, after 5 years, I realized that these tasks became as a routine for me. The company was developing successfully, but I felt that I was no longer growing in it, I was bored. At that time I had already secured myself with a big house and great cars. And I began to simultaneously discover new directions - online coaching (, environmental certification ( I looked at how things are arranged in politics - became an assistant to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation ( But all this was somehow not my cup of tea. It brought me money, but did not bring joy. And I sold out all my business assets. I decided that I would do only what I really love, even if it does not bring a lot of money.

So what do I love the most?

1. Motorcycles. They give inexpressible feelings of freedom and adventure, feelings that you live a real life.
2. Nature. What can be more beautiful than forests, mountains, rivers and stunning panoramic views? I have been adoring nature since high school and even have been a Greenpeace volunteer for 16 years.
3. Travelling. Exploring new places, nature, cities, countries and cultures. All of this this fills my life with happiness. This is how the Uventure project was born ...

I realized that I don't want to put up some ambitious business plans as before, such as having 200 motorcycles in a garage in 5 years or organizing 100 tours around the world. I decided that the main value of this project will be the pleasure and emotions of my new friends who will join me in a group and custom tours. Traveling with me you will find the maximum possible freedom of the group tour and a personalized approach, so that you feel welcomed, as if you came to your best friend, and not just become another client in a huge bureaucratic mechanism. I will be very happy to show you Russia in all of its diversity.
How to get a Russian visa?
Residents of these countries do not need a visa: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Serbia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Chile, Israel, SA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Nicaragua, Peru, Salvador, Uruguay, Fiji, Honduras, South Korea, Mauritius, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuba, Macao, Montenegro, Mozambique, Serbia, Thailand, Ecuador, Mongolia, Seychelles, Brunei, Hong Kong.

But other foreigners need a visa to enter Russia. Standard tourist visa is 30 days long, can be single or double entry. If you need more that 30 days for your trip most common way is to apply for business visa, it can be 90 days, 180 days, 365 days and even 3-5 years, single, double or multi entrance as well.

A Russian visa is an official stamp which is placed in your passport at the Russian Consulate. In order to apply for a Russian tourist visa, you will first need to obtain an official Russian visa invitation from a licensed Russian travel company (we will provide it to you).

Documents required to apply for a Russian visa:
- Official Russian visa invitation (also called visa voucher). We do this.
- Filled out and printed Russian visa application form. The form must be filled out on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
* Please note: be careful when filling out your form and provide as much information as possible.
- Original passport, must be valid 6 months after arrival from Russia. Must have at least 2 consecutive empty pages for the visa stamp
- 2 passport-size photos (photo size: 2 x 2 inches for US or 3.5 x 4.5 cm for Australia, Europe and Canada; photos must be recent and taken against a white background)
- Medical insurance policy

Standard visa application process by the Consulate.
Usually it takes up to 2 weeks for the Consulate to process your documents and issue your visa. If you need it urgently the procedure can be expedited for extra charge.
Processing time and consular fees may vary from country to country. The ideal time to start your visa procedure is 2-3 months prior to departure.

Complete step-by-step instruction:
How can I ship my bike after the Trans-Siberian Marathon from Russia?
We have 4 options how to do it from Vladivostok:
1. We can ship your bike to Moscow by cargo train. It takes 12 days and costs approximately 450 euros. Either option is to choose a speed delivery by speed cargo train to Moscow, it takes 8 days and costs ~750 euros. And the same conditions of shipping from Moscow to Vladivostok.
2. Shipping by plane to Moscow, it takes 1-2 days and costs around 1250-1500 euros.
3. By ferry to Europe (Rotterdam, Hamburg...), Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, etc. The delivery time is from 1 month and costs around 1200 euros depending on the distance to your country.
4. Shipping by ferry to Seoul (South Korea) and then by plane to your country. It will arrive to Europe in about 10 days. The cost depends on the city of delivery.

You cannot use a train or a truck to send a motorcycle to Russia. There is a law in Russia that the owner must be on the board. Although, it can be done by a ship or a plane.

For example:
You ship your motorcycle by ferry to Vladivostok. When you receive a motorcycle in Vladivostok, you must personally be in the port of the city. After what we go to Moscow. Then we ship your motorcycle by train to Vladivostok, and you fly home from Moscow. After that our transport company ships your motorcycle by ferry to your country (your presence in Vladivostok is not required).

If you ride to Moscow on your bike, we can meet you at the border. If you need any of this support - write to me:
How many people are usually in the group?
The average size of our groups is 5-10 people. In such small groups, we can take into account your personal wishes.
Do we use highways or secondary roads?
We always use secondary roads whenever and wherever is possible. Riding on a highways is very boring. For our routes, we always choose the best balance between the road surface quality, beauty of the surrounding nature and the presence of interesting places.
Do I have to stay with the group all the time?
No, you don't have to :) We understand that each rider has a different dream trip. Some love riding in a group, while others prefer venturing off on their own to explore the open road. If you are going to head out solo or in a small group, please be sure to let your Tour Leader know so that he can assist you with a route and give you place to meet later in the day.
What types of hotels can we stay at during a guided tour?
We always choose a nice mix if luxury, nature, and fun, focusing on the properties of the region we are riding in. We organize accommodation in various types of hotels, such as art-hotels, forest eco-hotels, traditional Russian lodgings and country hotels.
For questions or bookings just give us a call.

Phone: +7 925 589 83 00

Registration number in the Federal tourism Agency
(Ministry of tourism) is РTO 020682

Address: 51, NP Bunkovo, Istrinskiy district, Moscow region, Russia, 143500
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