Frequently Asked Questions
1. Tours
How many people are usually in the group?
The average size of our groups is 4-8 people. In such small groups, we can take into account your personal wishes.
Can I make my own wishes and changes to an itinerary?
Yes, you can. We often offer several options on how you can spend the day. Our guides will tell you about these options in advance so that your group could decide what is more interesting to them.
Do I have to stay with the group all the time?
No, you don't have to :) We understand that each rider has a different dream trip. Some love riding in a group, while others prefer venturing off on their own to explore the open road. If you are going to head out solo or in a small group, please be sure to let your Tour Leader know so that he can assist you with a route and give you place to meet later in the day.
Can my motorcycle club custom design its own guided tour?
If you wish, we can custom design a guided tour for your motorcycle club or riding group of almost any size.
Do we use highways or secondary roads?
We always use secondary roads whenever and wherever is possible. Riding on a highways is very boring. For our routes, we always choose the best balance between the road surface quality, beauty of the surrounding nature and the presence of interesting places.
Can I carry along passengers?
Yes, you can. A passenger should be at least 16 years of age.
What is the average age of the tour participants?
The average age of the participants is 45-70 years old. And you can participate if you are over 70, but you have a good physical and mental shape.
Do you have a support vehicle?
The support vehicle always follows the groups consisting of more than 5 participants.
What types of hotels can we stay at during a guided tour?
We always choose a nice mix if luxury, nature, and fun, focusing on the properties of the region we are riding in. We organize accommodation in various types of hotels, such as art-hotels, forest eco-hotels, traditional Russian lodgings and country hotels.
Can I increase the level of hotel accommodation to Luxe?
Of course, you can afford any additional services at your own expense.
How much money do I need per day?
30-50 Euro.
If I ride my own motorcycle who pays for gasoline?
Petrol 95 is included in the price of the Moscow-Vladivostok tour. The oils, lubricants, parts, etc. for your motorcycle you should have your own.
What are the averages air temperatures during the Moscow-Vladivostok tour?
The averages are +20 - +25°C
How can I book a tour?
To reserve a place in a group, you should pay a 30% deposit at the time of booking and to make a balance payment 2-4 months before the tour starts. You can pay with your debit or credit card by the link that we will send you, or you can make a direct bank transfer.
Are there any discounts for large groups?
Yes. At making reservations for 4 people and more we offer a discount of 5%. If you have group of more than 8 people, contact us and we will offer individual conditions for your group.
Does every trip include an experienced leader on the route?
At least one UVenture tour guide has led the trip before or scouted the route several times.
What is a rest day?
Our concept of a rest day is that we don't change hotels. Of course our tour guide offers a guided route for this day and you can decide whether you want to join the guide or do your own thing.
Will I receive some kind of information about my tour before I arrive?
A Custom Road Book (information about the country, what to bring, itinerary, maps...) will be for you when you arrive for the start of the tour. We will also send a PDF version of the Road Book to your email 10 days before your arrival.
How many kilometers do we ride every day?
Our average riding day on a Guided Tour typically makes up 300 - 350 kilometers. On the Moscow-Vladivostok tour, the average kilometers flown is 550 km per day. We do stop often to enjoy the sights and attractions, as well as to ensure you are well rested and moving at a leisurely pace. If you are interested in passing a lot of kilometers every day, please, contact us and we create to you a custom tour.
I am a girl and I don't have a driver's license. Can I go as a passenger with a guide?
Yes, you can. Please, send a request to our email before reservation.
Are meals or alcohol included in the tour cost?
Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included every day during the tour. Alcohol is not included in the tour cost.
I own a motorcycle. Can I ride my own bike on a guided tour?
Yes, you can bring your own bike. But you should make sure that your bike is comfortable to ride 500-700 km a day.
Does company provide airport transfers for my tour?
We will organize a transfer from / to the airport for the participants of the Moscow-Vladivostok and Vladivostok-Moscow tour.
2. Motorcycles
What sort of riding gear should I take?
You should bring pretty much of everything you normally ride in at home, plus a bit more. In most cases it is usual riding gear – helmet, jacket, pants, motorcycle boots, gloves, clothes of the wind stopper material, wet-weather gear. Leather gear will not help during colder weather; goretex / kevlar fabric clothing tends to be more insulating. If you feel the cold more than the most other people, a good set of thermals would be handy for our mountain roads.
What if my bike breaks down?
Catastrophic mechanical failures are rare. We regularly maintain our bikes so that they are mechanically sound before and during the tour. In the unlikely case of a motorcycle breakdown, we will make every attempt and use all resources at our disposal to get the bike to a professional service. On our tour we pass big cities almost every day and there is always a good chance to find the specialized bike service centers.
Do I need the off-road driving skills on the Moscow-Vladivostok tour?
95% of the roads in this tour have a good asphalt covering. But there are also very short sections of unsurfaced roads. A minimal riding experience without asphalt would be enough. If you do not have it, then you can fly a couple of days earlier before the tour and take several lessons of the off-road riding from our instructors. At the same time, it can be a good chance to get used to the motorcycle on which you will go on tour.
Can I rent motorcycle gear and GPS from you?
Yes, you can motorcycle gear and GPS. Specify this at reserving the tour.
What if I make damage to your bike?
Our motorcycles are insured by Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance. Therefore, you are only liable within the amount of your deposit. Also, of course, we will not impose penalties for minor scratches on the side panniers and motorcycle crash bars.
Do all bikes have a windshield and pannier system?
Yes, all our motorcycles are equipped with touring windshields and pannier system.
How much luggage can I take?
Your belongings should be placed in two side panniers and a top case. If you participate in the tour followed by the support vehicle, you can additionally take a suitcase.
3. Russia
Is it safe to travel around Russia?
Traveling around Russia with our guides is absolutely safe. At planning a route your safety, and security of your property is our main priority. We know which roads are better for riding, where it is better to stay, and which moments should be avoided. That is why we recommend taking group tours to enjoy this beautiful country keeping yourself out of any risk.
Is a visa required?
Most foreigners need a visa to enter Russia. Please check the Embassy website. We are ready to provide you with any support in obtaining a visa and send you an invitation letter.
What is the alcohol limit in Russia?
The alcohol tolerance in Russia is 0. If you are stopped by police with alcohol in your blood, you will not be allowed to continue the tour and your motorcycle will be confiscated. The policy of UVenture is not to allow alcohol before and during riding.
Can I use a credit card in Russia?
In 80% of cases, you will be able to pay with your bank cards, but you should also take a bit of cash.
What about comms? Can I check my email while on tour?
At the present day mobile phone coverage and Internet are available almost everywhere. Many of our hotels provide free Wi-Fi access in the rooms. In the Far East, communication on the highway disappears in some places.
Do people speak English in Russia?
In Russia everyone speaks Russian and there are also local languages in different regions. In
large cities, good hotels and restaurants that we have chosen for you usually have English
speaking staff. But the most important thing is that our guides on motorcycles and local guides in
the cities speak English, so you will feel comfortable throughout the tour and do not miss
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