We have launched the international project UVENTURE to open up the world of motorcycle tourism to a wider range of people, to show them new countries and to become their guides in exploring new places, cultures and peoples.

It is very important that people see by their own what other countries are made of having as kind and responsive people living there as in their native countries.
To see the real-life world! To see it with your own eyes, and not as it is being presented to us in the media.

It may sound loud but I think that in the long run it is a simple and effective way to reduce the number of wars and enmity between people and countries. It will allow people to stop dividing each other into friends and foes.
Why on motorcycles?

Because this is the best way to travel light, without huge luggage. To strive for adventure, freedom and LIFE itself, rather than to overconsumption and excessive comfort.

Enjoy simple things, stay young and don’t be afraid to test yourself.

Let's travel, live in peace, be free and open, be simple and happy!

It's not just a motorcycle tour - it's UVENTURE !
We all live on the same planet, and when we start traveling, our planet does not seem so huge anymore. Other countries are just around the bend, and therefore it is so important to be kinder to each other and more caring to our planet, so that we can leave a worthy legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Yuri Kalika

UVENTURE founder
Our team:
  • Erhan
    Guide in Turkey
  • Ali
    Guide in Turkey
  • AliBerk
    Guide in Turkey
  • Oguzhan
    Guide in Turkey
  • Vu
    Guide in Vietnam
  • Alex
    Guide in Vietnam
  • TJ
    Guide in Thailand
  • Fiona
    Manager in Vietnam/Thailand
  • Andrew
    Guide in South Africa & Namibia
  • Willem
    Guide in Georgia
  • Nika
    Guide in Georgia
  • Andrey
    Managing director
  • Elena
    Head of Sales
  • Katya
    Client manager
  • Vadiim
    Marketing Manager
  • Sergei
  • Sveta
  • Natalia
    Assistant / SMM
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Registration number in the Federal tourism Agency is РTO 024278
Address in Georgia:
Nutsubidze Plato 5mkr, Tbilisi
Address in RF:
51, NP Bunkovo, Istrinskiy district, Moscow region
Address in Turkey:
Teomanpaşa, 2223. Sk., 07260 Kepez/Antalya
Address in Vietnam:
So 1 Duong 36, Phuong An Phu, Thanh pho Thu Duc, Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Address in South Afica:
2 Webster close, Constantia, Cape Town