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Ancient Turkey and
the Mediterranean

Explore Turkey on the brand new Honda!
1.550 km
of exciting serpentines and
excellent asphalt roads
8 days
Mountains, ancient cities and
the coast of two seas
Comfort 5*
Brand new bikes, well-planed and safe route, experienced English speaking guide
Main highlights:
Pamukkale. Thermal springs and salt mountains
Lake Salda, close in composition to the surface of Mars
The ancient city of Hierapolis and its amphitheater
Swimming in Cleopatra's pool
Temple of Artemis and Library of Celsus in Ancient Greek Ephesus
House of the Virgin, where the Virgin Mary lived
Ancient city of Knidos (5th century BC)
Paragliding over Oludeniz
Valley of the Butterflies
Fiery Mount Chimaera and Mount Olympos
Lycian tombs of Myra, carved into the rock
Phaselis antique city (7th century BC)
Superb serpentines and panoramic views...
Full tour program
Itinerary day by day
Day 1: Arriving in Antalya
The journey begins in Antalya, a city with history of almost 2000 years. Today we are going to pick you up from the airport, give you a motorcycle and, if necessary, you can buy riding gear.

In the evening we are going have welcoming dinner where we will all get to know each other.
Day 2. Antalya - Salda lake - Pamukkale, 280 km
Today we are passing by Salda Lake, which became famous after NASA exploration expedition, which discovered that the composition of the rocks of its surroundings is very close to the mountains of Mars.

Then we are having lunch and driving to the unique place of Pamukkale - the natural and cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site.
These are thermal springs formed from white travertine, which can seem as snowy slopes from afar. The temperature of springs stars from + 35C. Here we can swim in the pool of Cleopatra herself on the ancient ruins.

Then we are going for a walk through ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, where the ancient Roman amphitheater, the central street, and the necropolis are perfectly preserved. Incredible beauty and power of buildings will definitely fascinate you!

In the evening we are checking into a 5 * Spa hotel, on the territory of which there are also pools with water from hot natural springs.
Day 3: Pamukkale - Ephesus - Didim, 380 km
Today we are visiting Ephesus. This ancient city is a combination of culture of ancient Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. Once there was one of the wonders of the world - the Temple of Artemis. However, unfortunately, only ruins and one column have survived. But the library of Celsus is much better preserved, the facade of which will impress you at first sight. And the amphitheater, terraced houses and street will leave you speechless.

We can also visit the House of the Virgin, where, according to the legend, the Virgin Mary lived.

In the evening we are checking into one of the best hotels in Didim on the shore of the Aegean Sea.
Day 4: Didim - Marmaris - Knidos, 270 km
We are continuing along the breathtaking serpentines of the Aegean coast and stunning secondary roads among olive orchards. Once again, we will have the urge to stop often and take stunning panoramic photos.

In a break, we are having lunch in a real biker cafe with our friends.

And then we are going to the Ancient city of Knidos with rich centuries-old history dating back to the time of Ancient Greece, about the 5th century BC ...
Day 5: Knidos - Oludeniz, 240 km
Today we are starting on the Aegean coast and ending on the Mediterranean coast.

By beautiful roads we are reaching Oludeniz - a place with a picturesque bay and mountains, as if it was ideal for paragliding. At sunset, you can go down with an instructor for paragliding or spend time on the beach and swim.
Day 6: Oludeniz - Mount Chimaera, 240 km
Our morning is going to begin with a visit to the Valley of Butterflies, a famous place where azure water and stunning mountains offer a breathtaking view of the sea. Here we will take many beautiful photos.

And further along the steep serpentine we are climbing more than 1000 meters onto the mountains.

If desired, at lunchtime we can go on a boat for a 1.5 hour trip. And after lunch we are stopping at the Lycian Tombs of Myra - a unique antique necropolis, carved right into the rock.

Then we are riding to the foot of the Olympos and Chimaera mountains, where we are going to rest in the first-class Kimera Lounge
Day 7: Mount Chimaera - Antalya, 140 km
We will meet the sunrise on the beach and go to Mount Chimaera (Fiery Mountain Yanartash). It is unique in that tongues of flame burst out of the ground at its top.

According to legend, a long time ago, a monster Chimaera lived on the top, which kept all the surrounding villages in fear. The brave young man Bellerophon saved the people. On the winged horse Pegasus, he flew up the mountain, fought with Chimaera and destroyed it. But the defeated monster still spews fire from the depths of underground.
The scientific explanation is simpler - gas accumulates under the surface of the mountain slopes. It seeps out through cracks in the rock and burns.

Next, we again are going to lay out beautiful turns along the Mediterranean coast while riding through magnificent landscapes. We will stop by a beautiful waterfall and return to Antalya, rent out motorcycles and share our impressions of the tour at a farewell dinner.

Day 8: Antalya, departure home
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What's Included in Price?
Our aim is to create a personalized experience for your safe, thrilling & unforgettable Adventure!
Accommodation in the 4-5* hotels with an excellent level of service, filled with authenticity and comfort
Food & Catering:
Breakfast, lunch and dinner (excluding alcohol) every day in restaurants with local cuisine (Turkish, Mediterranean). Also Vegan-friendly and Halal-friendly.
Tickets to the ancient cities of Ephesus, Hierapolis, Knidos, Olympos, museums, the house of the Virgin, the Lycian tombs of Mira, swimming in the pool of Cleopatra....
Assistance & Support:
English-Speaking Guide on a motorcycle; Gasoline (for rental bikes), support vehicle in case of breakdown, visa support, luggage storage; transfers from/to the airport.
✖️ Not included: Flights to/from Antalya, paragliding (optional), medical insurance, riding gear, refundable deposit for a rental motorcycles (€ 2000 for AfricaTwin, € 2500 for GoldWing)

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About Yuri Kalika, Founder
About Yuri Kalika, Founder

My name is Yuri Kalika. Now I am 35 years old and I adore my life. I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful daughter and a super project Uventure.

I will tell you a little about my path:
Having worked one year after the university as a manager in a construction company, I realized that I was traped within the framework of an employee and I decided to create my own construction company. Since 2009, I became the founder of KARUS-Stroy LLC (, and the first 5 years were very exciting - the company had been doubling the turnover and profit every year. It was very interesting in the beginning and I grew up very much in this company as a person. However, after 5 years, I realized that these tasks became as a routine for me. The company was developing successfully, but I felt that I was no longer growing in it, I was bored. At that time I had already secured myself with a big house and great cars. And I began to simultaneously discover new directions - online coaching (, environmental certification ( I looked at how things are arranged in politics - became an assistant to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation ( But all this was somehow not my cup of tea. It brought me money, but did not bring joy. And I sold out all my business assets. I decided that I would do only what I really love, even if it does not bring a lot of money.

So what do I love the most?

1. Motorcycles. They give inexpressible feelings of freedom and adventure, feelings that you live a real life.
2. Nature. What can be more beautiful than forests, mountains, rivers and stunning panoramic views? I have been adoring nature since high school and even have been a Greenpeace volunteer for 16 years.
3. Travelling. Exploring new places, nature, cities, countries and cultures. All of this this fills my life with happiness. This is how the Uventure project was born ...

I realized that I don't want to put up some ambitious business plans as before, such as having 200 motorcycles in a garage in 5 years or organizing 100 tours around the world. I decided that the main value of this project will be the pleasure and emotions of my new friends who will join me in a group and custom tours. Traveling with me you will find the maximum possible freedom of the group tour and a personalized approach, so that you feel welcomed, as if you came to your best friend, and not just become another client in a huge bureaucratic mechanism.

Come ride with me!
For questions or bookings just give us a call.

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