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Explore the mountains and genuine hospitality!
1.300 км
of serpentines and mountain passes
8 days
of stunning nature and centuries-old history
Honda Africa Twin and Suzuki Vstrom motorcycles, cozy hotels and always delicious food

Pristine Georgia

Main highlights:
The unique Vardzia Cave complex
Mtskheta - the ancient capital of Georgia
Hospitable and modern Tbilisi
Prometheus Cave
Historical section of the Silk Road
The largest national park in Europe
Caucasus mountains up to 5000m high
Gori (homeland of Stalin)
Mountain passes and a few off-road
The famous and delicious Georgian cuisine…
Full tour program
Itinerary day by day
Day 1: Arriving in Tbilisi
The journey begins in the city of Tbilisi, founded in the V century. Today we will meet you at the airport and take you to a hotel in the heart of the historic part of Old Town.

Today you can relax after the flight and walk through the cozy streets, climb the Narikala fortress, which offers a stunning view of the city; go to the botanical garden and admire the waterfall.

Day 2: Tbilisi - Kazbegi, 280 km
After breakfast, we take you to our base, where we already get on motorcycles and drive towards Kazbegi. The diversity of Georgia will reveal itself perfectly
during this ride.

From desert-like areas through long green fields with forests around them we end up in Kazbegi. A mountainous region with peaks up to 5000 meter high. Views on this ride are just stunning. Mountain passes go up and down as they take you from corner to corner, heaven for any motorcycle enthusiast. In the evening, stop at a stunning hotel in Stepantsminda, where your room will have a view of the charming mountains.
Day 3: Kazbegi - Gori, 195 km
Today we have to travel to the city of Gori, mostly famous as the homeland of Stalin.

From Kazbegi we ride back over the famous Georgian Military Highway. Through the most beautiful roads crossing the National park we head west, windy roads with hairpins and amazing scenery. We will also drive along a beautiful road connecting the old capital of Georgia Mtskheta with Gori.
Day 4: Gori - Racha - Oni, 230 km
Further down the road we ride to Racha. A mystical region that has been undiscovered by foreign tourists. Often it is compared to Switzerland because of its serene calmness and the impressive mountains surrounding the area. Beautiful windy roads get us up to Oni, an idyllic village.

We will spend the night in our friend's guest house, where everything is made with his own hands. Also, his wife will cook the most delicious dishes from Racha for us. By the way, Stalin's favorite wine came from this region, so don't miss the opportunity to taste delicious dishes from Racha.
Day 5: Oni - Prometheus Cave - Kutaisi, 150 km
The relaxed atmosphere and empty roads of Racha make this place ideal for motorcyclists. These winding roads lead us to Prometheus Cave, the biggest cave complex of Europe. The total length of the cave is 11 km, but about 1.5 km is available for walking. The cave itself is located at a depth of 80 meters below sea level

From Prometheus Cave we end up in Kutaisi, Georgia’s second biggest city.
Day 6: Kutaisi - Vardzia,
165-250 km
We drive towards Vardzia, another region that offers a nature that is different from everything we have seen before. We have two options today, either we take a 35 KM-long off-road pass from Sairme to Abastumani with stunning views over the biggest national park of Europe or we ride the paved roads via Borjomi.

In both cases we end up in Samtskhe-Javakheti. This region can be considered as the cultural cradle of modern Georgia. One of the cultural attractions of the region is the cave monastery complex Vardzia. The monastery was secretly built in the 12th century behind a rock that provided protection from invaders. This complex is considered an outstanding monument of Georgian architecture.
Day 7: Vardzia - Tbilisi, 240 km
Today we are driving through the hills and mountains on a small road that used to be a section of the Silk Road. Before reaching Tbilisi, we will visit the Didgori Battle Memorial, which was built in memory of the Georgian-Seljuk wars.

Georgia, being in the minority, defeated the Seljuk Turks, which marked the beginning of one of the most prosperous eras of Georgia. Then, under a gorgeous sunset, we descend from the mountains and get to Tbilisi.

Day 8: Tbilisi, departure home
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What's Included in Price?
Our aim is to create a personalized experience for your safe, thrilling & unforgettable Adventure!
Accommodation in excellent hotels and guesthouses filled with authenticity and comfort
Food & Catering:
Breakfast, lunch and dinner every riding day in restaurants/cafes with Georgian cuisine, including local alcoholic drinks.
Tickets to all museums and attractions on the route.
Assistance & Support:
An experienced English-speaking guide on a motorcycle, gasoline (for rental bikes), support vehicle is possible, visa support, all transfers.
✖️ Not included: Flights to/from Tbilisi, medical insurance, refundable deposit for a rental motorcycles (€ 500), meals in first and last day.
About Yuri Kalika, Founder
About Yuri Kalika, Founder

My name is Yuri Kalika. Now I am 35 years old and I adore my life. I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful daughter and a super project Uventure.

I will tell you a little about my path:
Having worked one year after the university as a manager in a construction company, I realized that I was traped within the framework of an employee and I decided to create my own construction company. Since 2009, I became the founder of KARUS-Stroy LLC (, and the first 5 years were very exciting - the company had been doubling the turnover and profit every year. It was very interesting in the beginning and I grew up very much in this company as a person. However, after 5 years, I realized that these tasks became as a routine for me. The company was developing successfully, but I felt that I was no longer growing in it, I was bored. At that time I had already secured myself with a big house and great cars. And I began to simultaneously discover new directions - online coaching (, environmental certification ( I looked at how things are arranged in politics - became an assistant to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation ( But all this was somehow not my cup of tea. It brought me money, but did not bring joy. And I sold out all my business assets. I decided that I would do only what I really love, even if it does not bring a lot of money.

So what do I love the most?

1. Motorcycles. They give inexpressible feelings of freedom and adventure, feelings that you live a real life.
2. Nature. What can be more beautiful than forests, mountains, rivers and stunning panoramic views? I have been adoring nature since high school and even have been a Greenpeace volunteer for 16 years.
3. Travelling. Exploring new places, nature, cities, countries and cultures. All of this this fills my life with happiness. This is how the Uventure project was born ...

I realized that I don't want to put up some ambitious business plans as before, such as having 200 motorcycles in a garage in 5 years or organizing 100 tours around the world. I decided that the main value of this project will be the pleasure and emotions of my new friends who will join me in a group and custom tours. Traveling with me you will find the maximum possible freedom of the group tour and a personalized approach, so that you feel welcomed, as if you came to your best friend, and not just become another client in a huge bureaucratic mechanism.

Come ride with me!
Об основателе UVENTURE - Юрий Калика

Привет, друзья!

Меня зовут Юрий Калика. Сейчас мне 35 лет и я обожаю мою жизнь. У меня красавица-жена, чудесная доченька и суперский проект UVENTURE.
Расскажу немного о моем пути:

Проработав один год после университета менеджером в строительной компании, я понял, что мне слишком тесно в рамках наемного работника и я решил создать собственную строительную компанию. Так с 2009 года я стал основателем ООО "КАРУС-Строй"  (, и первые 5 лет были очень захватывающими – компания ежегодно вдвое увеличивала обороты и прибыль. Это было крайне интересно в начале и я сильно рос в этой компании. Однако после 5 лет я понял, что эти задачи стали для меня обыденными и монотонными, компания успешно развивалась, но я чувствовал, что я уже в ней не расту, мне стало скучно. На тот момент я уже обеспечил себя большим домом и отличными машинами. И я стал параллельно открывать новые направления – онлайн коучинг (, экологическая сертификация (, продажа элитной недвижимости на Кипре Q-life Solutions. Посмотрел, как всё устроено в политике - стал помощником депутата государственной Думы РФ ( Но всё это было как-то не то. Приносило деньги, но не приносило радости. И я распродал все мои компании.

Я решил, что буду заниматься только тем, что действительно сильно люблю, даже если это и не будет приносить много денег.

Так, а что я же люблю больше всего?

1. Это мотоциклы. Они дарят непередаваемые чувства свободы и приключения, чувства, что ты живешь настоящей полной жизнью.

2. Природа. Что может быть красивее лесов, гор, рек и потрясающих панорамных видов. Я еще со школы обожаю природу и даже являюсь волонтером Гринпис уже 16 лет.

3. Путешествия. Исследовать новые места, природу, города, страны, культуры. Всё это наполняет мою жизнь счастьем. Так и родился проект UVENTURE…

И я понял, что не хочу как раньше ставить какие-то грандиозные бизнес-планы, как например, иметь в гараже 200 мотоциклов через 5 лет или 100 туров по всему миру. Я решил, что главной ценностью этого проекта будет удовольствие и эмоции моих новых друзей, которые присоединятся ко мне в групповых и индивидуальных турах. В путешествиях со мной вас ждет максимально возможная для группового тура свобода и персональный подход, чтобы вы чувствовали себя желанным гостем, как будто приехали к лучшему другу, а не просто стали очередным клиентом в огромном бюрократическом механизме.

Поехали со мной!
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