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Ho Chi Minh Trail

2050 km
Ride on asphalt trails - good quality, narrow and a lot of curves

11 days
Waterfalls, Tropical Jungles, Rice Fields, Farmstays & Caves
Comfort and Adventures
on the best bikes BMW GS, Triumph
to the unique places


Main highlights:
  • The legendary road that prevented the Americans from defeating Vietnam
  • Crossing the whole of Vietnam - from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi
  • Admire the waterfalls in Da Lat
  • Ride the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Tour the many famous caves in Phong Nha
  • Stay at the Phong Nha Farmstay with views of the rice paddies
  • Climb to the top of the Hang Mua Peak in Ninh Binh
  • Enjoy the incredibly diverse cuisine from South to North Vietnam
Full tour program
Itinerary day by day
Day 1: Arrival Day
Pre-Ride Briefing & Welcome Dinner
On Arrival Day our Tour Leader will meet you at hotel at a pre-arranged time. Around 5 pm we will meet for a riders’ briefing and bike handover, then head out to one of the specially picked local restaurants for a traditional Vietnamese dinner to get you started on your Vietnam adventure.
Day 2: Ho Chi Minh - Da Lat,
300 km
Breathtaking valley views:
Heading inland through local villages, you start to see the hills coming and you know a cool breeze is not far behind. Climbing the hills, you can find some breathtaking views of the valley floor below as you make your way, stopping at one of the many coffee stalls to soak up the sight. Stopping to check into your accommodation, drop off your gear, and away you go again into the hills along a world-class route into the hills above the city. Taking you through little mountain passes and villages, ART has found a gem of a ride that will have you grinning ear to ear. Ending the day with a wander through a busy Night Market, with an optional nightcap at one of many hipster bars.
Day 3: Da Lat - Buon Ma Thuot, 200 km
Waterfalls, ferry crossings and smiles:
Getting an early start, the first stop is at an amazing waterfall. Do not miss wandering down to get behind the falls, a wonderful experience to be had as a torrent of water passes overhead. Leave the city behind and some challenging but brilliantly fun roads to look forward to as the day progresses. As you climb, up and down the hills with wonderful cornering, making your way north, the ferry crossing is definitely not to be missed and a unique experience to be had. The local kids that are often playing in the river are an added bonus, their smiles are infectious and a real joy to interact with as we make our way across the river.
Day 4: Buon Ma Thuot - Pleiku - Kon Tum, 225 km
Chillax and enjoy the view:
If there is an easy day on the ride, this would be the day. A nice low-key ride on the way up the Ho Chi Minh Trail, traveling through the lowlands and coffee fields that cover the landscape before the excitement begins.
Day 5: Kon Tum - Prao, 280 km
Follow the river:
Leaving the city heading north, a couple of villages pass through, then it's a beautiful couple of hours meandering along the valley wall for hours as you follow the river north. Snaking your way up and down the valley, you can see how the environment changes as you head up the Ho Chi Minh Trail, just breathtaking.
Day 6: Prao - Khe Sanh, 210 km
Altitude Change:
The twists and turns along the road will get your blood going, there are a couple of good mountain climbs that will have you grinning like a Cheshire cat. There are always places to grab a coffee, a bite to eat, the odd temple or pagoda to check out, but the real attraction of this section of the Ho Chi Minh Trail is the trail itself. Truly a joy to ride.
Day 7: Day 7 Khe Sanh - Phong Nha, 175 km
Game Day – Twists and Turns:
The day starts a little slow, there are some Vietnam War era relics to visit as you leave town. The stretch of road to take you up to the Trail are some of the best in the world for twists and turns. If you thought yesterday was a good time (and it was!), today will blow your mind. Averaging a corner every 200m for over 200 kilometers. You will never forget this road! Coming into a National Forest, seeing the densest jungle you can imagine creating this beautiful green corridor to follow, it is an exhilarating ride like no other.
Day 8: Phong Nha Loop, 160 km
Explore the Area:
There is so much to see, caves to explore, A National Forest to wander through, windy curvy roads to ride and a river's edge to sit on and enjoy a cold drink. The list goes on, take your pick and enjoy the day, you will not be lacking for choices and experiences to be had.
Day 9: Phong Nha - Vinh, 200 km
Tea Impressions:
Continuing the journey north, while still a road winding through valleys and up and down some hills, it's just a little bit softer and easier than the last leg of our trip, allowing you to relax a little bit more and soak up the wonderful sights. As we make our way to a lovely tea growing in this region , you can see the jungle change, loosen up and transition to a more agricultural region.
Day 10: Vinh - Ninh Binh - Hanoi, 300 km
Sights, Sights and more sights:
It is a low-key run today as you are getting into an area a little more populated so while you can find some nice wide empty sections of road, there are some busy city centers to pass through as you make your way toward a stunning destination. Climb the 500 steps to see an iconic view of the countryside with it's limestone peaks and valleys, explore one of the numerous caves that dot the area, there are a number of sights to see like no other. If nature and the outdoors is more your thing, we can check out the river caves and stunning scenery with a Boat Tour.
Day 11: Departure home
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    Entrances to all sights on the route, ferry crossing, boat trip...
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    English-Speaking Guide on a motorcycle; well-maintained bikes with full luggage & accessories, Gasoline (for rental bikes), bike shipping, support vehicle upon request, visa support, transfers from/to the airport.
✖️ Not included: flights, medical insurance, riding gear, alcoholic beverages, refundable deposit for a rental motorcycles $ 1500
The Ho Chi Minh Trail stands out as one of the most dramatic and unique roads in all of Vietnam. In general, the majority of the West Ho Chi Minh Trail is windy and a lot of curves but its a clean good road. Only very narrow. It is a very seldom used road by tourist or locals - it’s not unusual to go for significant stretches of time without seeing another person. For now, riders have a chance to get that wind-in-the-hair, fresh air, world exploring feel. It’s the kind of thrill that tickles something deep in the primal mind that reminds you you’re human.
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