1.440 km
Picturesque mountain passes, rivers and lakes

7 days
Medieval monasteries and panoramic views
An exciting journey for real motorcyclists

Mountains, nature and almost

3000-years of history!


Main highlights:
  • The oldest observatory of Karahunj
  • "Symphony of Stones" - rocks that lava turned into a masterpiece of art
  • The city of Yerevan, which is 28 years older than Rome!!
  • Stunning views of Mount Ararat
  • Azat Reservoir and Yeranos Mountains of Khosrov Nature Reserve
  • Noravank Monastery Complex
  • Tatev Monastery - a historical monument of the IX century
  • Selim Pass and Lake Parz
  • Akhtala Fortress (13th century)
  • Amberd fortress on the slope of Mount Aragats
  • Famous cheeses and delicious Armenian cuisine…
Full tour program
Itinerary day by day
Day 1: Arriving in Yerevan
You will arrive in Yerevan. Today is a free day and you can walk around the cultural and historical places of Yerevan, because this city is 28 years older than Rome. It was founded as a fortress of Erebuni in 782 BC by King Argishti I.

In the evening we will all get acquainted, discuss the plan of our tour and have a delicious dinner in a traditional Armenian restaurant.
Day 2: Yerevan - Jermuk, 250 km
First we will go to the village of Garni, where we will see a pagan temple built in the first century. Then we will drive into the gorge, the rocks of which consist of huge basalt columns hanging over the ground at a height of about 50 meters.

We will have a very memorable lunch today. Also will participate in the baking of Armenian bread "lavash”, taste homemade cheeses and eat delicious Shashlik cooked in an underground traditional oven. Then we will go to the Azat reservoir and admire the Yeranos Mountains of the Khosrov Reserve.

Next, the cradle of Armenian winemaking awaits
us - the village of Areni, where a 6000-year-old wine cellar was found. And at the end we will visit one of the most magnificent medieval monuments of Armenia - the Noravank Monastery.
Day 3: Jermuk – Kapan (270 km)
We continue our way to the south of Armenia. The first stop at the Armenian Stonehenge, which is more than 6000 years old, is the ancient Karahunj Observatory. Today we will visit the pearl of Armenian architecture - Tatev Monastery - a historical monument of the IX century. The harmony of the monastery and the surrounding nature creates an amazing atmosphere, taking visitors back to those ancient centuries when Tatev was one of the most important spiritual centers of Armenia.

There is also the longest reversible cable car in the world (5752 m), which got into the Guinness Book of Records. This aerial road is the shortest, most picturesque and impressive way to the Tatev Monastery.

We will also visit the cave town of Khndzoresk, where a little gravel awaits us and walk along the suspension bridge.
Day 4: Kapan - Dilijan, 340 km
We are going to the north of Armenia along the Selim Pass (2,500 meters), through where the Great Silk Road passed. We will see the Selim Caravanserai of the 14th century - overnight accommodation for caravans traveling through Armenia to Europe or to the East. The pass reaches the southern shores of Lake Sevan, one of the largest lakes in the Caucasus.

Gastronomic stop and tasting of several types of cheeses at our farmer friend in Gavar, which he keeps in wine and cognac.

After that, we head to the Sevan Peninsula, where medieval monasteries are located and where a fabulous view of the blue waters of Sevan opens.

The final point for today will be Dilijan, which is called Armenian Switzerland.
Day 5: Dilijan - Gyumri, 360 km
We are going to Lake Parz, and then visit the legendary Goshavank Monastery (13th century).

We continue to drive to the north of Armenia, closely approaching the border with Georgia. The route passes through the city of Noyemberyan. We visit the Akhtala fortress and monastery, then we go through the picturesque mountains of northern Armenia to Lake Arpi. Stunning views await us at every turn.

Today we will stop for the night in Gyumri to recover strength and rest before the final driving day.
Day 6: Gyumri - Yerevan, 220 km
In the morning we will visit the Arichavank monastery of the 13th century, then stop at the foot of the highest mountain in Armenia – Mount Aragats 4090 m. The way to the mountain is long, but very picturesque. It passes through high mountains with forest landscapes. We will visit the historical complex Amberd on the slope of Mount Aragats, which consists of a fortress of the VII century and a church of the XI century. After that we will be able to climb to Kari Lake 3200 m and visit the Saghmosavank Monastery, which offers a beautiful view of the Kasagh River gorge – the "Armenian Grand Canyon ''.

We return to Yerevan, where you can spend an evening in free mode, watch the singing fountains on Republic Square or visit the most famous Jazz club in Yerevan - Malkhas Jazz Club, for example.
Day 7: Yerevan, departure home
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An experienced English-speaking guide on a motorcycle, gasoline (for rental bikes), support vehicle is possible, visa support, all transfers.
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