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Grand Siberian
4WD Expedition

Cross Lake Baikal on Ice! Explore Altai and Siberia!
8.000 km
530 km average day distance, 97% asphalt roads
21 days
15 driving days and 4 rest days in Moscow, Altay and Lake Baikal,
2 days for arriving/departure
Safe adventure
Small groups, experienced English speaking guides, well-planed and safe route
Main highlights
  • Crossing Lake Baikal on ICE on our SUVs
  • Moscow: Kremlin, Red Square, GUM, subway and Arbat street
  • Kremlins in Kazan and Nizhniy Novgorod
  • Shooting from a combat AK-47 (Kalashnikov assault rifle) and visit the museum of weapons
  • Ural mountains and Dog sledding!
  • Monument "Europe-Asia border"
  • Siberia
  • Altai mountains
  • Chuya highway - included in the TOP10 beautiful roads in the world
  • Taiga (boreal forest) in the nature reserve "Stolby"
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Great Lake Baikal
  • Your photo on the ice of Lake Baikal at the point where the maximum depth (1642 meters) of all freshwater reservoirs on the planet is located
Full Expedition Program
Day 1 & 2: Arriving in Moscow
Moscow sightseeing. Walking sight-seeing tour around Moscow: Kremlin, Red Square, GUM, subway.
Day 3: Moscow—Nizhny Novgorod, 570 km
In the morning we will drive to the Red Square to take photos as the beginning of our tour. Then we will reach Suzdal (one of the most beautiful cities of the Golden Ring).

There will be some free time for walking and lunch. In the evening we will reach Nizhny Novgorod — a vibrant historical city where we will spend some time walking along the Volga River embankment and visit Novgorod Kremlin.
Day 4: Nizhny Novgorod—Kazan, 480 km
From Nizhny Novgorod we will drive through the Northern border of the Kerzhenskiy State Nature Reserve.

Magnificent places and birches are going to get replaced by coniferous trees. Then we'll cross the Volga River to Kozmodemyansk where we will visit special open-air Ethno-Museum.

Our next destination is Kazan — a cozy & modern city with a very beautiful Kremlin (Russia's second largest Kremlin after Moscow) and a legendary Mosque. In the evening we will have a delicious dinner with Russian & Tatar cuisine.
Day 5: Kazan—Izhevsk, 380 km
With a good secondary road we will reach Izvhevsk on this day. It is a place where famous AK-47s (Kalashnikov rifle) are being produced.

We will visit an Armory Museum and shooting range where you will try AK-47s in action. We are staying in the wooden house style hotel where you will try delicious regional food and relax in sauna!
Day 6: Izhevsk—Yekaterinburg, 710 km
This day we are meeting the Ural Mountains.
We will drive along the beautiful secondary roads

Next stop is Yekaterinburg. This day we are going to cross the border between Europe and Asia and will take photos near the monument "Europe-Asia".

After what we will enjoy landscapes of Yekaterinburg from the height of 186 meters and take a walk in the historic center.
Day 7: Ekaterinburg—Tyumen, 400 km
We will start the morning with dog sledding in the forest. This is an amazing experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Spending time with dogs in nature energizes you for the whole day.

Next we are going to Tyumen and walk through the famous Russian Bridge of Lovers. This evening we are staying in nice Art-Hotel!
Day 8: Tyumen—Omsk, 675 km
And now we are in Siberia! Today's mid-point is Ishim, a small provincial town with a pretty promenade and an amusement park.

Here we will have lunch. Then we will stop at the beautiful lakes with original Russian villages. Local villagers, farmers and shepherds will give us their kind welcome.

In Omsk, we will stay in a Castle-Hotel. It will take us back to the times of the Middle Ages, where you will feel like a knight, resting during a hike.
Day 9: Omsk—Novosibirsk, 645 km
This will be your day of road meditation. The road is straight, in excellent condition and has almost no traffic. You can enjoy the drive and be mentally still, far away from the hectic life.

We will spend a night in the hotel right on the river bank to leave our SUVs behind and have a nice evening walk along the river.
Day 10: Novosibirsk—Belokuriha, 420 km
In the morning we will continue to look around Novosibirsk, drive past the hydropower station and stop at a Train Museum. It is a very interesting Museum consisting of 120 exhibits! The trains in this Museum are from the different eras offering a cabin visit for your full immersion in history.

And we are going to the Altai Mountains. The most beautiful part of our journey begins

We will visit museum of Chuya Highway and arrive at great resort, located in Belokuriha.
Day 11: Belokuriha—Aktash, 430 km
Today we are enjoying the Altai Mountains and Chuya highway, which is one of the ten most beautiful roads in the world.

All day we will see stunning landscapes and very beautiful untouched nature.
Day 12: Aktash, driving around 100 km
It's our rest day or we can do short detours around the venue, visiting Ulugan waterfalls, Geizernoe Lake, Aktach TV tower, The Tarkhatinsky megalithic complex, etc.

Today we will be able to see Mars-alike landscapes and geyser lake

Day 13: Aktash—Biysk, 430 km
We will go back by the Chuya highway.

Along the way, we will visit the confluence of the Katun and Chui rivers, the Kalbak Tash petroglyphs, and several other interesting places.
Day 14: Biysk—Kemerovo, 470 km
Today we will drive north and stop for lunch at the excellent Tsarskaya Okhota restaurant near one of the industrial centers of Siberia, the city of Novokuznetsk.

Then we will go to Kemerovo. It is another industrial Siberian city, so it is the best place to go to the pine forest on the other side of the river and relax in Park-hotel and have a massage.
Day 15: Kemerovo—Krasnoyarsk, 560 km
Today we will drive along the stunning roads and serpentines of the Sayan Mountains.

Before Krasnoyarsk we will stop at a Hydropower Station and a magnificent observation deck with panoramic views of the great Yenisei River and mountains. Krasnoyarsk is a big Siberian city located on the Yenisei River, one of the biggest rivers in the world.

Then we go to the Siberian Taiga (boreal forest) in the Nature reserve "Stolby" ("Pillars"). This place is fantastic! These rocks in the middle of the taiga (more than 500 square km) and the views that open from them are just breathtaking!
Day 16: Krasnoyarsk—Tulun, 670 km
Today we are taking a smooth road through small villages. At lunch we will stop by our friend Igor and see how real Siberians live. And his wife will cook a delicious homemade lunch for us.

In Tulun we will stay in a country hotel with Banya (Russian Sauna) on the banks of the river.
Day 17: Tulun—Lake Baikal (Olkhon island), 695 km
In the evening we arrive at the Great Lake Baikal! By the way, this is 19% of all the fresh water in the world.

In summer there is a ferry crossing, but in winter we will drive on the ice of Lake Baikal 1 meter thick on our SUVs to be on the Olkhon island - the most beautiful place of Baikal. It is difficult to describe the beauty that awaits us.
Day 18: Lake Baikal (Olkhon island), rest day
Continuing to inhale the beauty of that place and to discover it.

Free time — walking on the ice, taking photos, we can skate or ride on tubing tied to SUVs, enjoying the beauty and eating legendary Baikal omul fish.
Day 19: Lake Baikal (Olkhon island)— Ulan-Ude, 300 km
This will be the day after which you will be able to say - "I CROSSED GREAT LAKE BAIKAL ON ICE DRIVING AN SUV". It will be 120 kilometers across the ice.

This is the deepest lake on Planet Earth —1642 meters! And we will find the place where the deepest part of the lake is located. This will be a photo where you are standing next to your SUV, and under you 1 meter of ice and another 1642 meters of water. This is the deepest place of a freshwater reservoir on the planet Earth.

Day 20 & 21: Ulan-Ude, 100 km, departure home
In the morning we will see the monument with the largest Lenin's head in the world and drive to the Buddhist temple on Lysaya Gora — a beautiful place with panoramic views of the city. Russia is an amazing country where not only a multitude of nationalities live peacefully, but also the three main religions (Christianity, Islam and Buddhism) prosper.

Then we will visit the main center of all Russian Buddhism - the settlement and the complex of Ivolginsky Buddhist temples. An amazing place where you start to forget that you are in Russia, and not in Tibet.
Grand Siberian Expedition Dates
Season 2022
Moscow — Lake Baikal
Season 2023
Moscow — Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal — Moscow
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