Tibet & Everest motorcycle tour

Explore the mysterious Roof of the World
1.700 km
99% asphalt roads
9 days
6 riding days, 1 rest day in Lhasa, 2 days for arriving/departure
Safe adventure
BMW GS, experienced English speaking guides, well-planed and safe routes
Main highlights
Magnificent views of Mt. Everest - the highest peak in the world
Potala Palace
Jokhang Temple
Lhasa (3,650m)
Yamdrok Lake (4,400m)
Karola Glacier (5,045m)
Tashilhunpo Monastery (3,850m)
Gyawu-La pass (5,200m)
Rongbuk Monastery - the highest monastery in the world (4,980m)
Namtso Lake (4,710m)
108 turns of Everest's Road
Full tour program
Itinerary day by day
Day 1: Arriving in Lhasa (3,650m)
Welcome to Tibet, the Roof of the World! Your journey begins at Lhasa where we will meet you in the airport and bring to hotel. We will dedicate you the second part of the day to investigate the city at your own pace and get used to the heights. In the evening we will have a welcome dinner so that you can get acquainted with all the members of our tour.
Day 2: Lhasa (3,650m)
We are going to start our journey in Lhasa with a visit to one of the most attractive places in the world - winter residence of his Holiness the Dalai Lama - Potala Palace. Moreover, our next step will be Jokhang Temple which is viewed as the main heart of Tibetan Buddhism. This is to be continued by strolling through Barkhor Street which will lead us to circumambulate Jokhang Temple. The last site of the day will be the well- known Sear Monastery, where you will have the chance to watch priests bantering in a yard as they have been practicing for many years.
Day 3: Lhasa - Shigatse (3,800m), 365 km
Shigatse, the second biggest city in Tibet, is waiting for us today. The road that we are about to take will give us an opportunity respect the holy Yamdrok Lake situated at an elevation of 4,400m. The profound turquoise water of this extraordinary place makes its scenery look contrasting on the background of high-rising mountains. Covering more than 360 square kilometers, Yamdrok is the biggest freshwater lake in the northern Himalayan Range encompassing territory. As we proceed with our ride through the Tibetan plateau, by the signs all around, we are told that we have approached Karola Glacier (5,045m.), a shocking white mass that is standing up and can be seen from long afar. Our next point that we ride to is the chronicled city of Gyantse which shows up beforeour lodging in Shigatse.
Day 4: Shigatse - Tingri (4,300m), 240 km
We will start our day with a visit to the official seat of the Panchen Lama: Tashilhunpo Monastery, which is said to be the biggest Gelug religious community and have the most authority in the Shigatse Prefecture. We will have the chance to wonder around the cobblestone back streets and pay a visit to houses of prayer in this socially significant site. The second part of the day will give us the way to Tingri.
Day 5: Tingri- Rongbuk Monastery - Tingri (4,300m), 230 km
We will begin our day with a road through villages where local people merrily welcome us. We proceed to the Gyawu-La pass (5,198m) which opens adorable views on Mt. Makalu (8463m), Mt. Lhotse (8561m), Mt. Everest (8844m) and Mt. Cho Oyu (8201m) in an amazing combination of barbed compelling pinnacles. Our ride at that point proceeds to Rongbuk Monastery, being on the highest altitude on the whole planet. As well as it opens the best views on Mt. Everest. Lastly for the day, we take a backtrack.
Day 6: Tingri- Shigatse (3,800m), 240 km
Due to the fact that we need to get back on track of our journey, we leave Tingri and go back to Shigatse. During our journey we will pass through beautiful pristine scenery.
Day 7: Shigatse - Damxung (4,200m), 350 km
At time we wake up, the journey of 150 km to Nyimi is waiting for us. It is going to be an interruptive way to Damxung throughout the Tibetan Nomad & Yaks with a stop for lunch in Nyimi.
Day 8: Damxung - Lhasa (3,650m), 300 km
Early today we ride to Lake Namtso. We will initially get to the land which is brimming with brilliant supplication banners—Tanggula observation spot and afterward ride around the Nagenla Mountain (5190m). Our next goal is Namtso Lake which is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet. Namtso Lake appears like dissolving into the sky but being supported by the elegant islands.

After lake Namtso we will head back to the Lhasa Motorcycle rental organization by crossing Damxung County and Yangpachen. Our company will safely take you back to the hotel after we give the motorcycles back.
Day 9: Lhasa, departure home
Having reached the end of our journey, we have to say goodbye to Tibet and our wonderful stuff. Later you will receive the transfer to Lhasa airport to be sure to be on time.
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Our aim is to create a personalized experience for your safe, thrilling & unforgettable Adventure!
Accommodation & Food:
Accommodation in cozy hotels (8 nights). Breakfasts is included during all days. Also Vegan-friendly and Halal-friendly.
Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Rongbuk Monastery…
Assistance & Support:
English-Speaking Guide, Tibet permit, Provisional driving license, Support vehicle with trailer, Luggage Storage, Airport transfers
Service not included:
Air tickets, lunches and dinners, fuel, medical insurance, motorcycle gear, personal spending, tips. Bike rental deposit (1500 EUR)

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About Yuri Kalika, Founder
About Yuri Kalika, Founder

My name is Yuri Kalika. Now I am 33 years old and I adore my life. I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful daughter and a super project Uventure.

I will tell you a little about my path:
Having worked one year after the university as a manager in a construction company, I realized that I was traped within the framework of an employee and I decided to create my own construction company. Since 2009, I became the founder of KARUS-Stroy LLC (www.karus-stroy.com), and the first 5 years were very exciting - the company had been doubling the turnover and profit every year. It was very interesting in the beginning and I grew up very much in this company as a person. However, after 5 years, I realized that these tasks became as a routine for me. The company was developing successfully, but I felt that I was no longer growing in it, I was bored. At that time I had already secured myself with a big house and great cars. And I began to simultaneously discover new directions - online coaching (www.business.ukalika.com), environmental certification (www.z-of.ru). I looked at how things are arranged in politics - became an assistant to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation (www.ukalika.com). But all this was somehow not my cup of tea. It brought me money, but did not bring joy. And I sold out all my business assets. I decided that I would do only what I really love, even if it does not bring a lot of money.

So what do I love the most?

1. Motorcycles. They give inexpressible feelings of freedom and adventure, feelings that you live a real life.
2. Nature. What can be more beautiful than forests, mountains, rivers and stunning panoramic views? I have been adoring nature since high school and even have been a Greenpeace volunteer for 16 years.
3. Travelling. Exploring new places, nature, cities, countries and cultures. All of this this fills my life with happiness. This is how the Uventure project was born ...

I realized that I don't want to put up some ambitious business plans as before, such as having 200 motorcycles in a garage in 5 years or organizing 100 tours around the world. I decided that the main value of this project will be the pleasure and emotions of my new friends who will join me in a group and custom tours. Traveling with me you will find the maximum possible freedom of the group tour and a personalized approach, so that you feel welcomed, as if you came to your best friend, and not just become another client in a huge bureaucratic mechanism. I will be very happy to show you Russia in all of its diversity.
About the tour
Tibet is a place which acquires amazingly interesting both cultural and environmental aspects of what is beauty. Its old societies can in any case be felt and seen everywhere throughout the level, given that numerous districts in Tibet are still developing. Subsequently, lodgings aren't fully renovated, from time to time there might not be sufficient water, and power isn't constantly dependable and/or accessible in all regions. This visit has been intended to offer numerous normal and social attractions that give an astounding travel understanding. A troublesome course requires long separations on challenging road conditions. In this manner, members ought to have a normal and advanced level of capability.

Culture: Participants are required to be careful and deferential of the neighborhood culture and customs. Members must walk clockwise when visiting sanctuaries, churches, pagodas and comparable structures. If not sure, it would be ideal if you counsel your guide before taking part in a socially or profoundly delicate action.

Climate: Tibet's weather from November to April is dreezing, riders are recommended to wear winter riding gear throughout the whole visit. Riders are recommended to wear summer riding gear with a sweatshirt inside, rain coat is ought to be set up if there should be an occurrence of downpour.

Things of day by day use: Personal First Aid things are prescribed, for example, sun screen, lip sun screen, lip ointment, germicide cream, against looseness of the bowels prescription and wide range anti-infection agents (members must contact their PCP). Given that temperatures can vary incredibly from morning to night, long-sleeve garments, a fleece sweater, and a coat are to be taken in collaboration with sunglasses and a sun cap.

Wellbeing worries: Due to Tibet's high height, members are urged to acquire an extensive physical assessment - get a lot of rest before going to Tibet and throughout the trip itself. Keeping away from tobacco and liquor use is likewise prescribed before the initiation of excursion in order to prevent the happening of upper respiratory infections.

Members with any of the accompanying conditions, you ought not make a trip to a high height region of more than 3 ,000 meters:
  1. Coronary illness, arrhythmia, organize I1 hypertension, blood infection, cerebrovascular malady or if the resting pulse is altogether over 1 10 beats for every moment.
  2. Incessant respiratory sickness, moderate or serious obstructive aspiratory malady, for example, bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, emphysema, dynamic tuberculosis or pneumoconiosis.
  3. Uncontrolled diabetes, epilepsy or schizophrenia.
  4. Extreme cold and upper respiratory tract contamination, internal heat level over 38 degrees Celsius or beneath 35 degrees Celsius.
  5. Patients who have been determined to have high height pneumonic edema, high elevation cerebral edema, high elevation hypertension, high height coronary illness and high height polycythemia.
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