Shipping your bike to or from Russia

Hello friends!

You often ask me how you can ship your bike after the Trans-Siberian Marathon
from Russia.

We have 3 options how to do it from Vladivostok:
1) We can ship your bike to Moscow by cargo train. It takes 12 days and costs approximately 450 euros. Either option is to choose a speed delivery by speed cargo train to Moscow, it takes 8 days and costs ~750 euros.
2) By ferry to Europe (Rotterdam, Hamburg...), Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, etc. Conteiner The delivery time is from 1 month and costs around 1500 euros depending on the distance to your country.
3. Shipping by ferry to Seoul (South Korea) and then by plane to your country. It will arrive to Europe in about 10 days. The cost depends on the city of delivery.
You cannot use a train or a truck to send a motorcycle to Russia. There is a law in Russia that the owner must be on the board. Although, it can be done by a ship or a plane.

If you choose "Vladivostok-Moscow" tour you can ship your motorcycle by ferry to Vladivostok. When you receive a motorcycle in Vladivostok, you must personally be in the port of the city.
After what we ride to Moscow. Then you can also ride with me to Riga, Liepaja or Klaipeda to take a ferry to Germany with your motorcycle. I talked about this new option in my previous video.

If you have any more questions about sending a motorcycle - feel free to ask me Yuri@uventure.tours

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