Crossing the Russian border by bike.

How to cross the Russian border with your motorcycle
Hello friends!

Many riders love to travel on their own motorcycle and now I will tell you what you need to cross the Russian border on a motorcycle.
A driver and his passenger should prepare the necessary documents before crossing the border:

1) Passport with valid visa (if a visa is required);

International driving license (or if your national driving license has a text in English – it will be enough);

3) Vehicle registration certificate

4) Certificate of ownership

5) Green card insurance.

6) Hotel booking or tour booking (but this ask very rarely)
Pay additional attention to motorcycle insurance policy. "Green Card" is a mandatory insurance of civil liability of motorcycle owners going abroad by motorcycle. The aim of this type of insurance is to protect the interests of motorcycle owners in case they damage property of third parties, health or life because of an accident. "Green Card" policy allows the use of a motorcycle in another country map green that is a member of this system. Best solution is to buy it at your home country. But also such policy can be bought while crossing the border.
It is also necessary to remember the rule of "green" and "red" ways. The first one is for those who don't need to declare goods, drinks and other things; "red" way is for others. It's necessary to fill declaration in both cases. Those who move via "green" way specify their motorcycle in declaration. Those who move via "red" way specify their motorcycle in declaration as well as declared goods.
Border crossing can take 2-5 hours, depends on traffic. We suggest to politely overcome cars and ask border officers if you can pass without waiting in the line. They usually let you do that.
At the border you will have to fill:

1) Two copies of the Declaration form You can fill them right at the border or do it at home in advance. Below in the description of this video I attached a link to this form.

2) Two copies of Migration card. Both blanks are free and in Russian/English, so you can understand what is written. Store it in safe place with passport because you will need this papers when you leave Russia. Also in the hotels this papers are required.

As you have seen nothing complicated, and if you add a smile, it will be even faster and more positive

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