Moscow - Vladivostok motorcycle tour. The Great Transsiberian Adventure

Just watch the video about the legendary Trans-Siberian route. This is a Grand motorcycle tour of the largest country in the world. 11,000 kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok.

You will see the magnificent Moscow and red square. Kazan and its Kremlin with the largest mosque in Russia. You will shoot a real AK-47 and visit the Kalashnikov Museum.

You will have off-road test-ride of the the Ural motorcycle with a sidecar. I will take you to the Ural factory, where you will see how these motorcycles are created.
Moscow-Vladivostok motorcycle tour

We explore the Ural mountains and Yekaterinburg. We will pass through all of Siberia. We'll go to the real taiga. We will rest for two days in the heart of the great lake Baikal - on the Olkhon island.
Here you will enjoy delicious fish, excursions by jeep and ship. We will take a walk in the stunning Buddhist temples of Buryatia.

Next we will explore the vast far East. Russia is a country of contrasts. In this incredible tour you will see everything: the beauty of cities, pristine nature, many cultures, nationalities, and religions.
With our guide this Moscow-Vladivostok motorcycle adventure will be completely safe and exciting!
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