Special option for European riders.

Motorcycle adventure tour from Baltic Sea to Pacific Ocean
across all Eurasia.
Hello friends!

I have great news for European riders.
Now you can start your guided tour right in Europe!
You can ship your bike from Germany by ferry (it's about 22 hours and from 120 euros per person with a motorcycle) to Klaipeda, Liepaja or Riga where your guided tour will start 3 days earlier. I will meet you in any of these cities where ferries come (Klaipeda / Liepaja / Riga). Then we will ride to Moscow and crossing the Russian border together.
Velikiye Luki - Moscow, 500 km
1st extra day:
Riga - Crossing the Russian border - Velikiye Luki, 460 km
Klaipeda - Liepaja - Riga, 320 km
2nd extra day:
3rd extra day:
Price for this extra option: 1000 euros.

Price includes:
- 3 extra nights (Riga, Velikiye Luki, Moscow)
- breakfasts, lunches and dinners during these days
- petrol
- English-Speaking guide on a bike
Links of ferry companies, where you can find all the details:


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