How to get a Russian visa?

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Today I will tell you how to get a Russian visa.
Most foreigners need a visa to enter Russia.
Standard tourist visa is 30 days long, can be single or double entry. If you need more than 30 days for your trip most common way is to apply for a business visa.

It can be 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and even 3-5 years, single, double
or multi entrance as well.
A Russian visa is an official stamp which is placed in your passport at the Russian Consulate.

In order to apply for a Russian tourist visa, you will first need to obtain an official Russian visa invitation from
a licensed Russian travel company (we will provide it to you).
Documents required to obtain for a Russian visa:

- Official Russian visa invitation (also called visa voucher). We do this.

- Filled out and printed Russian visa application form.
- Original passport, must be valid 6 months after the end date of your trip to Russia. Must have at least 2 empty pages for the visa stamp

- 2 passport-size photos (35 * 45 mm, photos must be recent and taken against a white background)

- Medical insurance policy
The form must be filled out on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Please, be careful when filling out your form and provide as much information as possible.
Standard visa application process by the Consulate usually takes up to 2 weeks to process your documents and issue your visa. If you need it urgently the procedure can be expedited for an extra charge.

Processing time and consular fees may vary from country to country. The ideal time to start your visa procedure is 2-3 months prior to departure.

In general, nothing special, a standard set of documents and procedures.

And there are also residents of countries that do not need a visa to travel to Russia:
Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Serbia, Israel, South Africa, Peru, Uruguay, Cuba, Montenegro and some others.

Thank you for reading and see you in Russia
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