About distance, speed and rest...

Russia is a huge country and therefore in the Trans-Siberian marathon we ride 500-700 kilometers a day. Frankly saying, it is not an easy journey. However, not so difficult. We will handle this distance in about 8 hours stopping every 150 kilometers for a meal and rest.

We will also pretty often go off the road to take pictures. In Moscow- Vladivostok tour our average speed will be 110-120 km/h and the roads are mostly straight and with a good road pavement. Till Siberia we will be riding through secondary roads followed up by amazingly beautiful nature.

As well as starting from Siberia we will be using highways and motorways ( as there are no other ways), but the load of the Trans-Siberian road is very low and riding a motorcycle is a big pleasure.

And sometimes I am asked whether it is possible to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok, but not to go through such distances in a day. And there are two ways: firstly, it is still 11,200 kilometers and a decrease in daily runs will lead to an increase in the number of days, and there are already 26 of them. Secondly, if you can still make shorter it in the central part of Russia (from Moscow to the Urals) and decrease the number days and at the same time find good hotels for overnight stays, then later in Siberia, Baikal and the Far East, large cities where you can find good hotels are almost always located at a distance of 500-700 kilometers. Therefore, on a Moscow - Vladivostok tour, there are such runs from Siberia and on. It is better to ride 500-700 kilometers and check into a good hotel and leave our bikes on a guarded hotel territory and have a nice walk through the city rather than do an intermediate stopover with an overnight stay in a cheap road motel or tents.

Moreover, we have parts of our Trans Siberian tour lying in amazingly beautiful places where we spend few rest days. In the middle of our trip from Moscow to Vladivostok, we will have a rest in the city of Krasnoyarsk, where we will go to the taiga and relax in the bathhouse in the evening. Then we will have two whole days on Lake Baikal, where we will get a chance to charge with energy of this truly unique place.

Don't worry about distance, it's a cool challenge!
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