Trans-Siberian route by motorcycle

Accommodation. Where we will stay in Trans-Siberian marathon
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This short video is about the hotels, where we will stay in our Trans-Siberian marathon.
I have chosen a nice mix of nature, luxury and fun, focusing on the properties of the region we are riding in. In these 26 days you will stay in 21 various selected hotels.

It will be a Traditional Russian Wooden Homesteads, Country residence in a relict pine forest , a modern hotel with stunning panoramic views , hospitable national-style hotels , a luxury hotel in the city center on the embankment, Art-Hotels with unusual design, Castle Hotels.

But there will also be one motel on our way. There will be no other options for the next 800 km, so we will plunge into this roadside romance.

In general, it will be a stunning adventure that must be completed at least once in a lifetime.
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