Trans-Siberian route

Weather conditions and proper riding gears
Hello friends!
For many, Siberia, and Russia as a whole, are presented as places with very severe weather conditions. In winter time this indeed so. But in the summer they are great places for motorcycle traveling, stunning green dense forests and beautiful meadows. The average air temperatures during the summer, when Trans-Siberian Marathon is going, are +20 - +25°C degrees Celsius.
But at the same time it is necessary to be ready for temperature changes. It can be +35 degrees, and the temperature can drop to + 10 degrees and rain.

Therefore, to make your trip as comfortable as possible you need to have the proper riding gears.
You should bring pretty much everything you normally ride in at home, plus a bit more. In most cases it is usual riding gear – helmet, jacket, pants, motorcycle boots, gloves, clothes from the wind-stop material, neck warmers, wet-weather gear. Leather gear will not help during colder weather; Goretex and Kevlar fabric clothing tends to be more insulating. If you feel cold more than the most of other people, a good set of thermals would be handy for your Trans-Siberian marathon.
Don't worry, be prepared and happy.
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